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Benvenuti a Venezia!

A rent has opened in the sky drowning much of Europe. Venice stands as a bastion, but the rent brought with it many horrors.

The city is turning on itself. Man fights against fellow man to stake out a corner of this new world whilst monsters claw from the deep.

The canals run red.

Welcome to Carnevale.

Beta Rules

The Beta Rules are now available and ready for testing.
Follow the link below for print and play stat sheets for ALL currently released factions as well as templates and volume profiles.
We also have a feedback form, so let us know what you think of the new rules!
Beta Rules
Rules Feedback
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7th August 2017

The New World (figuratively)

Buon pomeriggio, Veneziani! Does that mean good afternoon? I rely solely on Google for my Italian translations in these updates… Welcome to the new world! That’s a Monday morning where Carnevale has been funded! We’re all still extremely excited and humbled by everyone’s support throughout the campaign. So what happens now? The first thing that […]
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4th August 2017

100k beyond our goal! Thank you!

Thank you all for being part of this campaign. Your energy in the comments was incredible and you made it such a pleasure to be a part of. I (Louis) plan to spend this weekend away from a computer with my wife & dogs who might have forgotten what I look like! Perhaps I will […]
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4th August 2017

Star Spawn Render

This is as yet unfinished and will undergo some more slight changes but it is SO cool that I had to share it with you all right away 😀 See you on the live stream!

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