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7th August 2017

The New World (figuratively)

Buon pomeriggio, Veneziani! Does that mean good afternoon? I rely solely on Google for my Italian translations in these updates… Welcome to the new world! That’s a Monday morning where Carnevale has been funded! We’re all still extremely excited and humbled by everyone’s support throughout the campaign. So what happens now? The first thing that […]
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25th July 2017

Tuesday Stretch Goal and the start of something new…

Good afternoon everyone! Or morning? Or evening? Depends where you are! New Stretch Goal! Nice work, everyone! Another stretch goal opened up today! A new miniature! This time it’s a Rashaar Cult of Dagon Officiant for everyone that’s pledged £60 or more. Pledge level doesn’t matter, it’s the final amount that counts! I really like […]
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21st July 2017

Stretch Goals, Unlocks, Rashaar Faction Video and Limited Edition Black Spectre

What a day that was in the office! We listened to what you guys had been saying about the stretch goals and their distribution and reworked the whole map for the rest of the campaign. The unlocks will now depend on your pledge total as apposed to your pledge level or add ons. There are […]